UNIversal Inclusion Rights and Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in the Academic Context


Project “Integration of people with disabilities through learning”

UNIversal Inclusion Rights and Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in the Academic Context

This week, on the 12th-13th-14th of May, the University of Turin organizes an international conference about the inclusion of people with disability in the academic context: this conference is open to researchers, lecturers, teachers, educators, students and associations of persons with disabilities in order to discuss and exchange good practices and data concerning all forms of support and service offered to students with disabilities.

The Turin Institution for the d/Deaf provides services (including interpreting services, communication assistance, university orientation, self study…) to d/Deaf students enrolled in the three Athenaeum in the city of Turin: the Institution works in the Università degli Studi di Torino since academic year 1999/2000 and from some years in the Politecnico and in the Accademia di Belle Arti. From the first academic year till now, the Turin Institution for the d/Deaf provided every kind of communication services to a total number of 81 d/Deaf students, starting with one d/Deaf student and then having in average 30 d/Deaf students per academic year.

The criteria for the service assignment, in terms of methodology and hour amount per week, fit the needs expressed by each student, in the view of the promotion of individualized projects and self-determination. As the approach is strongly personalized, the amount of weekly hour for each student is not predetermined, but each semester, a number of weekly hours per student is planned.


If you want to know more about this event visit the website  http://universalinclusion.unito.it/en/  or write to direzione@istitutosorditorino.org or to istitutosordi.projects@gmail.com

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