20160505_1557331st Workshop on Disabled Entrepreneurship was organized by Adiyaman University, Adıyaman Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports and Adıyaman Young Generation Women Entrepreneurs and Employment Association (AKİD) at Adıyaman University Conference Hall. The workshop was supported by Life Without Barriers Solidarity Association, Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Kahta Association of Journalists.

The Workshop started with the opening speech of Ass. Prof. Dr. Suat Aşkın who was the head of the organizing team. He welcomed the listeners, the contributors and the protocol and declared that “Disabled Entrepreneurships Workshop” was to be carried out in Turkey within the scope of the international EU ERASMUS PLUS KA-2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP project called “Integration of People with Disabilities through Learning” which was partnered by Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Latvia, Poland and Turkey. He pointed out that the workshop was part of the project’s “Disabled Entrepreneurship Module” which was the third output of the project carried out in 7 languages by the project partners.

20160505_131417Then, he listed and introduced the invited specialists, engineers and lecturers from public, private and Non-Governmental Organizations, and presentations. He explained the framework of “Disabled Entrepreneurship Workshop” which rested on four separate fields; Political, Economic, Social and Technologic (PEST). He expressed that the workshop will help improve the abilities of people with disabilities to start their own business, increase their employment opportunities, provide integration opportunities to them to get into business life, and increase social awareness on disability issues.

He also thanked everyone who contributed to the program and expressed special gratitude to  ES-DENT and YİĞİT NAKLİYAT Companies who provided moral and material support to the Workshop.
Following the speech, the head of Provincial Directorate of Adıyaman Youth Services and Sports Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAĞCI, President of and Adıyaman Youth Generation Women Entrepreneurs and Employment Association (AKİD) Birsen GÜNAY and the Representative for Adıyaman of Life Without Barriers Solidarity Assocciation, Head of Social Works of Kahta Association of Journalists Bülent BUĞDAY and Deputy Governor Levent ÖZTİL made their speeches, addressing the audience.

20160505_131843Spouse of the Governor of Adıyaman Behan DEMİRTAŞ, Head of Adıyaman Provincial Organization of Justice and Development Party Abdurahman DİMEZ, Provincial Director of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) M. Şükrü MISIR, Provincial Director of Yurtkur (Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution under Ministry of Youth and Sports) Sami KÖROĞLU, Adıyaman Provincial Director of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Hacı DAŞTAN, Adıyaman Provincial Director of National Education Ramazan ÇOBAN, Adıyaman İKA (Silk Road Development Agency) Coordinator Onur YILDIZ, Head of Education Department of İşkur (Adıyaman Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency) İrfan TURAN, Principal of Malazgirt Special Education School Mehmet Sadık TOSUN, President of Positive Entrepreneurship and Development Association Bilal Zemin, President of Adıyaman Clothing Industrialists Association Ragıp Aras, General Manager of Yiğit Nakliyat (Transportation Company) Sabri Yiğit, Director of Adıyman Center of Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports Fikret Keleş,  Zuhal ALTINSÖZ, Head of the Mentally Challenged Family Zeynal Alagöz, Social Services Specialist at Adıyaman 80. Yıl Zihinsel Engelliler Eğitim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi (Education and Rehabilitation Center for the Mentally Challanged) Abdullah GÖYKSU, President of Adıyaman Sports Club of Visually Handicapped Mehmet Ağır, President of Kahta Association of Journalists Kemal KUTLU, Secretary General of Kahta Association of Journalists Halil ARMAĞAN, President of Life Association Yusuf BABUL, President of World Young Entrepreneurs Association Murat Ümit ÇEVİK, Director of Hacı Sakine Acer İş Uygulama Merkezi (Business Practices Center) Mustafa ÇAVUŞ and Deputy Director İsmet BOZKURT, Special Education Teacher at Gazi Secondary School Hearing Impaired Special Education Class Ersin KÖSEOĞLU, Lecturers of Adıyaman University Ass. Prof. Dr. Mehtap Demir, Research Assistant Kaan Emre ENGİN, Research Assistant Ali İhsan KAYA and Member of Organization Board for 1st Workshop on Disabled Entrepreneurship Daniya AŞKIN as well as representatives of many public institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations attended to the program.

Having lasted for whole day, the workshop complemented by sign language translators Tatlıpınar ÇALĞAN and Meltem KAHRAMAN.

The workshop was carried out in four sessions. The Political Aspect of Disabled Entrepreneurship Session was moderated by Ass. Prof. Dr. Abuzer ULUDAĞ, Economic Aspects of Disabled Entrepreneurship Session was moderated by Ass. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ekrem AKBAŞ, Social Aspects of Disabled Entrepreneurship Session was moderated by Ass. Prof. Dr. Öze ÖZGÜR BAYIR, and Technologic Aspects of Disabled Entrepreneurship was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bayram ERZURUMLUOĞLU.

Total 20 presentations were made, 5 papers in each sessions, and the presentations of the Workshop are planned to be printed as a book.

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