Integration of People with Disabilities through Learning” (N 2014-1-ESO-1-KA204-004715)

Effective social inclusion of people with disabilities (constituting 16% of the population of the European Union) offers a unique opportunity for meeting Europe’s future workforce needs. Special measures should be taken to promote successful integration of disabled people into the labour market, including enabling disabled people and disability-led organisations to be involved at all levels in the development, running and evaluation of vocational education programmes for disabled people; removing the attitudinal, policy and physical barriers; disseminating innovative practices, knowledge and experience in the field of disability.

The Strategic Partnership “Integration of People with Disabilities through Learning” (N 2014-1-ESO-1-KA204-004715) is focused on the active measures of the cooperation between higher educational establishments, social enterprises and NGOs of people with disabilities with the aim of elaborating of innovative tools and methodologies to provide inclusion of people with disabilities, especially, young people, into educational and labour communities:

r1 Development of the Disability ethics module. To make a test of the materials of the DEM module, a joint staff training meeting is organised in Malta in November 2015. This training is followed by a pilot DEM course hold by partner organisations at their centres of formal and non-formal education.  external1

r2 Preparation of recommendations – a compendium of good practice cases – targeted NGOs – on how to provide people with disabilities with a smoother transition from education to working place   external1

r3 Design of the training course aiming to increase employability of young disabled persons.  external1

r4 Elaboration of the Resource Library with the materials related to social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities in partner coutnries.  external1

The partnership has been formed by organizations with different educational expertise and social background, which brings about diversity of approaches and experiences in different areas related to social and laboral inclusion of PwD. Read more about partners

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