English Course for Deaf ADULTS


Project “Integration of People with Disabilities through Learning”   

English Course for Deaf ADULTS

i4As the acquisition of the oral language is difficult for d/Deaf people, the learning of a second oral language is much more difficult. That’s why an English course for d/Deaf people and for their teachers is a big challenge, but it has to be faced because nowadays society ask for the knowledge of it, at least in basic written and reading levels.

That’s the first year that the Turin Institution for the d/Deaf, situated in the north-west of Italy, organizes an English Course for d/Deaf adults: the class is formed by workers and university students that want to learn the language or improve what they already know because of many reasons  (communicate with other d/Deaf people around the world, work necessities, independent reading of articles in the net). We can affirm that the birth of this course is due to the many requests arrived directly from themselves during this last period.

The most difficult characteristic of a group formed by adults is its heterogeneity: a heterogeneous class is one that has different kinds of learners in it, and when the learners are d/Deaf, also the different kinds of d/Deaf identity affect the knowledge level of the subject. For example, a d/Deaf person that wears no hearing-aid and uses sign language as mother language will have different methodological needs compared to a d/Deaf person that uses oral language and has a residual hearing.

i3Teaching problems in heterogeneous classes could mainly be connected to materials and interest capture. Designing and personalizing materials is a really challenging work: the teacher has to think about the competences level of each person and the abilities that each student has to improve. Moreover, it has to be taken into account the long time needed for the adaptation of the materials. Capturing the real interest of each student is another huge effort because, even if the target is formed by adults, a boring topic certainly reduce attention and motivation.
The course started in March and is going to finish in the first week of June.

If you want to know more about this course write to istitutosordi.projects@gmail.com

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