DEM pilot in Poland: awareness is a key to understanding


Noticia PoloniaAbril2016 3In March The Academy of Business and Health Sciences (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu) organised pilot course in a group of 10 people. Our participants belonged to educational sector, most of them were teachers, but also we had two administrative workers and an entrepreneur.

Our aim was not only to test the Module, but also to find new possibilities in the frame of the ITL project. Our project team was interested if the content of the handbook is relevant to our stakeholders. Firstly, we wanted to get to know the expectations of our participants to be able to adjust the programme to their needs.

What do Polish ITL stakeholders looking for within the ITL project?

“I want to get to know new methods and techniques of working with people with disabilities”
“I work with people with disabilities. I’m looking for different options of communication to be able to answer their needs.”
“I’m interested in stereotypes regarding disability issues.”
“I’m interested in stereotypes regarding disability issues. Moreover, I’m wondering how to teach people with disabilities.”
“The topic the most interesting for me is how to enable people with disabilities smoother transition from education to working place.”
“ I actively work in the field of social inclusion.”

What did we do during our course?

Before the training we delivered DEM to our participants asking them for reading the content. During workshops we worked basing on the exercises provided in the handbook taking care of practical aspects of the course. We involved some drama activities as well as additional materials relevant to the subject of the workshops. At the end of sessions we delivered evaluation forms to be filled in by participants.

What were the results of the course?

Evaluation of the workshops was very high. We also gathered some feedback from participants:
“I was very interested in the perception of disability in different countries.”
“I’m surprised that so many people have different kinds of disabilities”
“I’m surprised by different classification of disability in the project countries”
“Some exercise could have photos included. It could be easier for us.”

We find all the information useful for us and for the project partnership.
One more time thank you for your involvement!

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