Spain. Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona

Spain. Mestral Cocemfe TarragonaFederation MESTRAL Cocemfe Tarragona from Spain is a non-profit organization whose activities directed towards social and labour inclusion of persons with disabilities. The umbrella organization unites 16 non-government non-profit associations of people with disabilities of the Tarragona region.  Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona is managed by people with disability, both on the Board of Directors and in senior management. Our mission is to advance inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly, employment and self-employment, by empowering individuals with disability and the organizations that work with them.

Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona also offers expertise on the educational needs of people with disability seeking to advance social involvement and work opportunities and on creation of barrier-free public and workplaces to enable disabled people to play a full part in mainstream society.
To provide integration of people with disabilities in labour market, both mainstream and sheltered, Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona has created Labour Inclusion Service that focuses its activities on actions with other organizations, actions with jobseekers, actions with employers, and studies about the situation on labour inclusion of PWD. Activities directed to other entities include organization of meetings and conferences to share experience, a jobseekers database, job vacances received by our service and look for solutions to common problems. Activities directed to jobseekers include labor orientation, trainings, insertion in companies, consultancy service, etc.  The services provided to employers are as follows: legal information and consultancy service, working place adjustments, intermediation in job offers, offering courses for companies’ staff.

Within the Labour Inclusion Service of the Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona, there have developed different programmes focusing on labour inclusion of people with disabilities and launched some awareness raising campaigns to provide different target groups – decision-makers, employers, educational community and public in general- with knowledge on disability issues. There have been developed some collaborative projects with Roviri i Virgili Universitat, one of them – “Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities: Equal Access to Employment” – has the overall objective to facilitate a proactive inclusion of persons with disabilities in the open labour market.  This includes: development of adapted trainings/courses to provide equal opportunities for PwD; creation of incentives for providing personal assistance at the workplace for support; enhancement of public awareness and changed public perception of persons with disabilities.  Based on this experience, Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona is able to share good practice cases relating to labour inclusion of people with physical and organic impairments with European partners and provide solutions to the common problems related to the issue.

Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona
C. D. Ferràn, 33-35, 43202, Reus, Spain
Tel. 0034 977327093/0034 660115104

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