Latvia. Organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”

Latvia. Organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”Organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons” is a NGO where people with and without disabilities work together. The main goal of our organization is the fully integration of people with disabilities in the society.



Apeirons is working actively since 1994. It was founded in 1997 and in that year was officially formed and registered like a NGO.
Target Group – All the society in a global way, dedicating special attention to the people with disabilities, including youngsters.

 The main fields our organization works with are: defending common interests, employment, environmental accessibility, human rights, participation in the collaboration’s network of people with disabilities in National and International level, teaching inclusion & integration, social services for children, accessibility, youth movment, volunteer service, Apeirons video studio.

Defending common interests:
 Our work involves as well our collaboration with other NGOs of the region and municipalities. Organize seminars, trainings and different campaigns and activities. We work with different groups to popularize topics important for people with disabilities and find potential solutions for the inconveniences.

Apeirons staff offers consultation and guide people with any disability to involve themselves in the labor market. One of our departments is also dedicated to help the one who is looking for workers to find the perfect employee.

Environmental accessibility:
 Regularly we monitoring environmental accessibility and we made the annual evaluation „Zelta Kruķis” (Gold Crutch – Annual prize to the best new and completely renovate based in the universal design). We offer as well audits about universal accessibility and evaluations of different buildings, working with standard & recommendations and also, with universal design. 

Human Rights:
 As for us is a really important task, we are also monitoring human rights. We prepare informative seminars for local NGOs which are working with people with disabilities for them to know their own rights. By the results of the United Nations’ conventions who took place in Latvia (“About people with disabilities rights’”), State, Municipality and NGOs agreed to develop common dialog formations through teamwork. In addition, they would also take part making decisions in local and National level and above all by creating a positive attitude in the Society
Participation in the collaboration’s network of people with disabilities in National and International level:
 We are associated to the biggest European collaboration’s network of independent lives (ENIL).

Teaching inclusion & integration:
 One of our work fields is carrying out projects of inclusion, teaching and developing collaboration for and with different schools.

Social services for children:
 In cooperation with biggest charity organization in Latvia “” Apeirons do administrate two projects for children with severe disabilities. “Let’s help little hearts” is a project where families can apply for funding for rehabilitation of disabled children. The other project called “Sweet babysitter” is a project where families can apply for funding for hiring babysitter for a disabled child in this way giving opportunity to parents have free hands for a least 8 hours a week.

Apeirons promote the understanding about new technologies supporting people with disabilities while all their life in this aspect. Here, we host and organize computer courses and we work in the production of the Internet accessibility standards.  

Youth movement:
 There is a strong youth movement in our organization that is growing year after year. Most of our activities and initiatives are involving youngsters of our community. They lead seminars, talks, lessons, meetings, camps, travels and, time to time, some crazy activities too.

Volunteer service:
 Our work is developed with volunteers who are not just Latvians, but foreigners arrived from all around the world. Adding our experience and knowledge with their enthusiastic mood and work, we all together promote the development of different field in benefit of people with disabilities.

Apeirons Video Studio:
 In 2005 we proudly started with the ambitious project of Apeirons’ Video Studio. Since that time, we prepared many videos, broadcast and sketches about topics we consider important for the daily life of people with and without disabilities. Two years after start our program, in 2007, the short film “Cits skatu punkts” (Another point of view) won the first prize in the French festival “People with disabilities among us”.
Our work in this film is based not just in showing News, but as well in preparing documentaries, artistic movies and, SOBRE TODO, we are focus in telling Apeirons stories, about our staff and what we do, our friends & moreover our people.

Other tasks:
 We participate also in some others National and International projects, trying to offer as many possibilities as we can provide in order to guarantee better life of the people with disabilities in Latvia, encouraging understanding and tolerance.


Kr. Valdemāra iela 38 k.1  RĪGA, LV – 1010, LATVIA   
Telephone: 00371 67 299 208

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