Greece. Sillogos Goneon & Kidemonon Eid. Dim. Sholeion A.M.E.A “Elpida”

 Greece. SILLOGOS GONEON & KIDEMONON EID. DIM. SHOLEION  A.M.E.A "ELPIDA" SILLOGOS GONEON & KIDEMONON EID. DIM. SHOLEION  A.M.E.A "ELPIDA" SILLOGOS GONEON & KIDEMONON EID. DIM. SHOLEION  A.M.E.A “ELPIDA” from Greece is an association of Parents and Guardians of Special Schools and Disability (mental and physical) of the Department of Trikala. The Association aims, on the one hand, to provide intellectual, social, and cultural development of its members, support them within the system of special education,   promote skills and values building for members of the Association, help organize a constructive communication between people with disabilities and decision-makers, City council representatives, and other authorities, collaboration with other organizations to achieve common objectives and joint actions. On the other hand, it provides infrastructure for the services that will contribute to the care and recovery of people with disabilities, and also educational programmes to some of these people – young people and adults – through hiring the dedicated staff and help of volunteers. Members of this organization took place in the Paralympic Games with a big success. The association is greatly interested in the topic of educational programmes for people with disabilities and studies thoroughly the advances made in this area on national and international level. Among other things, the association training incorporates language learning (elementary level) and familiarity with the computer. The participation of club members in previous European programs showed that these people are interested in multicultural experience and knowledge. The partnership will help the association to develop its infrastructure of educational services, which will contribute to the qualitative care, rehabilitation and,  finally, social inclusion of people with disabilities through education provided to people with disabilities of different age – schoolchildren and adults as well as  provide the recruitment of the qualified staff and the help of volunteers.


THEMISTOKLEOUS 8, 42100 Trikala, Thessalia, Greece
Tel. 0030 2431072450

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